Sunday, April 25, 2004

House Of _____ And _____

It's been a Netflix sort of weekend...

Roles that Ben Kingsley was born to play aren't easy to come by. Colonel Moussad Behrani is such a role.

"House Of ___ And ____" is a masterwork, a tragedy in which two wrongs fail to make a right, a work of unflinching honesty but also of great subtlety and dignity. Best of all, it serves generous helpings of 2003's best acting. Highly recommended

I'm happy to report I've resumed stick-shift driving lessons, and that I felt the right reflexes kick in immediately the second my foot touched the clutch! See, knowledge and skill sometimes 'incubate' and 'marinate' in your brain. I know it's that way with languages... Great, sounds like my Iceland gamble is going to pay off!

Another great movie I rented was 1978's "Soldier Of Orange," a gripping epic of six young Dutch college students whose guts, wits, and loyalties are tested by the 1940-45 Nazi occupation and the Dutch resistance. Five stars all around for edge-of-your-seat pacing, revelatory acting, precise period recreation, and a European honesty about human character, behavior, and sexuality. Another "must see rental...." Its director, Paul Verhoeven, made one more great Dutch film, "The Fourth Man", before selling out his substantial talent to Hollywood and producing "Robocop," "Basic Instinct," and the infamous "Showgirls."

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