Saturday, April 24, 2004

And Heeeerrrrreeee's...... Dad!

I finally managed to upload a picture of my Dad, whose birthday was yesterday, and who would have been very happy to see my sister Deena graduate Lamson College with honors on his birthday! I could write a book about Dad, who was a teacher, social worker, activist, ane free spirit in a category all by himself. This picture is with my Mom and my first boyfriend, Andres Paredes, in 1990, at a family gathering in Chinatown. Sadly, that would be my Dad's last summer, as he passed on early the next year, on February 25, 1991, just two months shy of his 55th birthday... My family, btw, have been wonderful with my boyfriends, always treating them like family, which meant a lot to Andres, whose family was 5,500 miles away and not very accepting or supportive.

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