Sunday, March 07, 2004


What a beautiful day! Yeah, it's down to 48F from 65F yesterday, but it's so sunny. I'm going outside!

High Tea served by Mother Goose? It was perhaps the most charming moment of the year so far, courtesy of my dear friend Bart. We sipped flavorful teas and sampled a cornucopia of baked sweets and dipping sauces, in the relaxation and regression chamber known as Podunk Café, located at 231 E 5th St.
In a room warmly filled with children's books and unusual seating devices, owner and hostess Elspeth Treadwell really dresses the part of the Old Woman In A Shoe. : - ) She takes her time with each order and gives everything her personal touch. This was in honor of my Bart's visiting childhood friend Chris, who is totally charming, and was also to celebrate the new job of Ashley, Bart's partner, at the Brooklyn Historical Society. I had pineapple papaya tea with shortbread cookies and chocolate sauce. This was my dinner. Highly recommended.

Links du jour: Good cartoons, one and two. How to read nursery rhymes to children. The Complete Mother Goose text.

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