Thursday, March 04, 2004

Pals-heimer Disease And Other Puzzlements

Today I visited the majestic 21st-century mallspace that is Time Warner Center. I like it. It upgrades Columbus Circle from an uneven potpourri to a world-class crossing-of-the-ways. Expansive glass vistas, impossibly high ceilings and supersized stores all contribute to a sense of space, light, and grandeur. In lieu of a food court, there's a Whole Foods Market set up with the ultimate hot and cold food bar. For a tour, click here and/or here, because I decided to picture instead Oak Alley Plantation in Louisiana bayou country, a 98F highlight of my summer cross-country wanderings.

On my links bar (left), you see Today's Brand New Word, a brilliant site that I check daily for newly minted phrases for our time. Here's a real gem of a expression:
Palsheimer's Disease (n) affliction which causes a person to let a great pal drift from the mind, as a result of the passage of time, lack of time, relocation, a new 'friendscape' (field of acquaintances) and/or changed values.

Boing Boing - A Roundup Of Worthwhile Links: An 80s music industry monster tells all, scientists get a clue about acupuncture, how life has changed (or hasn't) for the Afghan kid in Osama, and 2 acclaimed new 9/11 documentaries I may see this weekend.

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