Thursday, March 11, 2004

My Analyze Over The Ocean,
Oh Bring Back My Anatomy

¡Viva Jane! Last night I saw "Sense and Sensibility" via Netflix and really enjoyed it. Great acting, plot, dialogue are complemented by cinematography and set design that basically re-create late-18th century rural England. Kate Winslet and Emma Thompson are so pitch-perfect that you'll feel every emotional twist and turn of the story. Colorful supporting characters are a Jane Austen mainstay, and "Sense" features brilliant turns by a snooty sister-in-law and meddling old biddy who never knows when to shut up. Jane Austen resources abound on the web, such as Pemberley, with bio, details, tidbits, and above all, the text of all six novels, which have long been in the public domain.

Summer and Smoke, the Tennessee Williams classic has been revived in NY and is getting good reviews.
I am very fond of the 1961 movie version with Geraldine Page. And here's the Mexican movie poster for that 1961 classic:

This afternoon I spoke to Andres, my first boyfriend, who lives in Argentina, and is relaxing before he starts is new semester as an undergrad in psychology. I may see him soon. This is because I'm travelling to Brazil the week of March 28th for a week of company visits. I plan to post my adventures down there in real-time, though probably with far less links and photos...

Nuke it! Pill time. That's what I say on the sixth day of being sick with ear and throat discomfort. In Aaron-Brian language I would say "I have ear" and he'd say "I'm sorry you have ear." : - ) My party is in three days. And I coughed up green. So I called my lovely MD Dr. Laura Fisher and asked permission to take my reserve antiobotic. I said to her "If the sputum's green, you must come clean...." I know, I'm oversharing again... : - )

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