Wednesday, March 17, 2004

The End Has No End...

'Twas an underslept, cold, slushy, and work-filled St Patty's for yours truly... I did, however, enjoy a cupcake with green frosting... The photo at right is by PixPopuli aka Neil Baylis, whose photoblog I consistently like.

Interesting today: NYT article on how language and writing norms reflect contrasting attitudes of Chinese and Japanese. Also in NYT, why Diane Keaton's a movie star it's OK to like...

Go everywhere! And see everything with breaktaking sharpness and clarity! On Q.T. Luong's spectacular and beautifully organized site, you can click through amazing high-quality pictures of 57 US National Parks, all 50 States, unseen Southeast Asia, European Backcountry, and Tall, Pretty Mountains... I've been featuring his images here, but I have to stop - he wants to be visited, but not hot-linked... I just put him on the links in my left margin as "Earth On Film"

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