Sunday, February 29, 2004

Where It's C-C-Cold

20F and Jet Lagged in Olde London Towne... But I can't say I don't have an interesting life. I slept 6 hours in a very comfortable American Business Class reclining chair, landed at 12:30pm, got to my hotel at 1:30pm, fell asleep, got up just in time to walk around chilly but stately Mayfair and watch the pretty red sunset.

Sunday is 'dark night' in London's theater district, meaning closed. Tomorrow evening, if I'm free of work obligations, I might try and see a revival of Cole Porter's "Anything Goes." Or maybe something more meaty if I'm rested.

Mount Street Gardens is a little treasure of a secluded park I found on my stroll. Surrounded by an banquet of beautiful row house fa├žades with cute chimneys and gables, loveliness in red and white brick. With stubble, a cold nose, and no mittens, I wandered through listening to Donna Leon's "Night In Venice" Inspector Brunetti mystery, on CD, in Swedish of course : - )

Was feeling very lonely yesterday. Definitely need to find a boyfriend this year, if Allah wills it : - ) I'm even jealous of people whose lifestyle and location accomodate owning a dog. For the first time, my mind opened to that idea, how lovely it would be to have a barking bundle of joy that needed and loved me. My building is full of barking bundles of joy. My sister has Petey. Brian has Fiedel. I have a sweet, but decidedly silent gallery of Teddy bears.

Well, enjoy the Oscars tonight my friends. It's a 2am here, and I will be in blissful slumber...

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