Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Waiting for a Signal or a Sound

Time Out For Love... I can't believe I have no takers for French musical duo Air's stunningly pretty "Talkie Walkie" CD - Santa is disappointed in you! To rectify this and request it, click here.

High Flying Play (and Audience). "Five Flights," the play Bart and I were fortunate enough to see last night, was original, quirky, beautifully acted and directed, and highly engaging. Hard to describe, it's a comedy/drama about... birds, gay love, ballet, a crumbling aviary, and compulsives both religious and secular. Running through late February at Rattlestick Theatre in Greenwich Village. Spotted in the audience: actress Blair Brown of TV's "Days and Nights of Molly Dodd."

Keep Corporate America Out of my Urine! I had my first-ever drug test today for my new job (my last new job began in 1982, before just-say-no turned into check-your-pee-at-the-door). How invasive, and I don't even do any drugs... I formally accepted the ABN-AMRO job offer today, with a flurry of paperwork. Start day is next Tuesday, beginning with - I kid you not - a three hour orientation....

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