Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Wait For Sugar!

Q. If I had one green ball in one hand, and another green ball in another hand, what would I have?

A. The undivided attention of the jolly green giant.

What a dreary, wet day! (warmer at least). It rained on my spectacular new hairdo (pictures to follow).

A good DVD will do just the trick. I'm very fond of the hilarious, open-minded and poignant Some Like It Hot. I love the end, with Jack Lemmon revealing to Joe E Brown he's a man, and Joe, still interested, answers "nobody's perfect." Also captured is Marilyn Monroe's sadness, loneliness and fragility as the alcoholic musician Sugar Kane. In the end, she scurries down the dock, afraid of missing the boat of love, waving and yelling... . "Wait for Sugar...."

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