Friday, February 13, 2004

See You On Monday?

Well, I'm off for a weekend up in Millerton, NY with Sundance, my gay outdoors club. I'll be out of internet range until Monday. Saturday should be especially memorable: My first skiing experience, hopefully a lesson downhill on a very flat bunny slope : - )

867-5309!. You, too, can have Jenny's phone number, via E-bay - details on Gothamist, a NYC-themed group weblog which is like a virtual alternative newspaper! (Mom, this refers to a pop song from 1981; Deena will explain)

Onion to the rescue! My favorite newspaper supplies well-needed levity as the gay marriage battle rages - read their hilarious 'man on the street interview'

p.s. images of the day from Toronto-based TopLeftPixel, an interesting fotoblog

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