Sunday, February 08, 2004

Penelope Pitstop Rides Again

I was hoping to visit Chelsea galleries today and post exhibit pictures. Alas, I quickly ran home after 5 minutes of 22F (-5C) temperature at 17m/h (28km/h) wind! So much for that idea....

My friend Celia Elman from Argentina, like me, learned to drive later in life and, like me, considers it a somewhat special experience! Her friends now call her "Penelope Glamour", which is their translation of our "Perils of Penelope Pitstop" cartoon from the late 1960s. Surprisingly, there are several Penelope Pitstop web pages, of which the best are: this one, that one, and this one.

I love it when US movies are released overseas with odd or bizarre translations. Sometimes this is to simplify: In Argentina, "Lost in Translation" is called "Lost in Tokyo." The Brazilians, obviously wishing to make the subject of "The Godfather" crystal clear, called it "The Powerful Head Of The Mafia," : - ) Poetic licence is often taken - In Paraguay, "101 Dalmatians" became "The Night Of The Cold Noses" in its original release.

Later this week I'll survey the foreign press and post some humorous translations of current movies!

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