Thursday, February 19, 2004

Mr. Big Deal Press Release : - )

One sure sign of my return to "glamour" is that I feel exhausted : - ) But better each day... ABN-AMRO announced my arrival today with great fanfare, by sending a press release to specialty publications that cover such things. "EuroWeek" asked for my photo. : - )
I've been summoned to London on March 2 to present a 'business' plan. Trips to Brazil and Mexico are likely, and perhaps even to a few destinations I've never seen, such as Colombia and Venezuela. When and how do I fit this in? Anybody's guess....

Honest Abe would honestly have been proud of San Francisco (if he had been part of our generation).

Dinner with Pat Stumpp tomorrow! We go way back. Pat is not only a financier extraordinaire but an accomplished linguist, violinist, and musical crusader via Music Of The

Today marks 1 month of Aaronblogging!!!

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