Monday, February 16, 2004

Back On The Chain Gang

My last hours of freedom are flying by. I start work tomorrow morning at 8:30am unless the Governator calls at midnight to commute my sentence : - ) It's been a nice break. Wish me luck. Posts here may be shorter, but continue, that they will...

Falling on my ass occurred frequently during cross-country skiing at Prospect Mtn, Vermont on Saturday. I also fell on my back, side, arm, head, and ankles. No injuries. But many muscles have been heard from. : - ) The trails were lovely!

Falling on somebody else's ass is much more pleasant. I did so at the Williams College Art Museum in Williamston, Mass, after skiing. The asses in question bleonged to two beautifully constructed sailors on Fire Island painted in 1940 by an Edward-Hopper-like artist whose name I do not recall. This painting hangs next to a real Hopper (pictured left). Quality was high, and size was large, for a remote college museum.

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