Friday, February 06, 2004

14 Brave Souls

I am indeed a bit shocked at the virulence and extent of opposition to gay marriage. 61% of America still doesn't get it, after a decade of unprecedented progress and visibility? Hasn't 6 years of Will and Grace accomplished anything? : - ) So many Americans have a gay co-worker, neighbor, or relative... Oh well, at least a majority of people under 30 approves, and approval is indeed higher among people with gay friends and family members. As you can tell, I take this issue not only seriously, but personally!

14 out of 100 Senators had the good sense to vote against the "Defense of Marriage Act," which defined marriage as strictly male-female and was signed by Clinton at midnight in a broom closet wearing a fake moustache. Who are these brave souls?

- 3 are now dead: Daniel Patrick Moynihan, Paul Simon, and Russell Feingold

- 4 have quit or been voted out: Bob Kerrey, Carol Moseley Braun, Charles Robb, Claiborne Pell

- 6 are from states with large gay populations: John Kerry and Teddy Kennedy (MA), Barbara Boxer and Dianne Feinstien (CA), and Daniel Akaka and Daniel Inouye (HY)

- 1 is just plain cool: Ron Wyden (OR)

Expect more on this topic over the coming weeks. I feel like a Suffragette!

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