Wednesday, January 21, 2004

My Least Favorite Phrase
- My Commitment To You, My Public

In response to "how're you doing?", I just hate it when people reply "same shit, different day." It's like, why bother getting up in the morning? or being born?

I dedicate this site to keeping life interesting, with different shit for every different day! I will keep it brief, keep it real, and keep it compelling.

Trip Out in Belleville: French Animated Film Has Fun, Breaks New Ground..

Today I got up off my butt! I went and saw Triplets of Belleville (see NYT review) at Sunshine Cinema down in the Lower East Side. This quirky, inventive, totally original non-verbal cartoon deserves 78 minutes of your time. Two different groovy ways to visit the Belleville universe are official website for the US and France - no French really required for the latter.

Well, I'd better go study my Blogging book! See you tomorrow!

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