Monday, January 26, 2004

Message From My Daughter.....

From Marlina with her love! Postmarked in Indonesia's hot and humid boondocks, a letter arrives now and then from Marlina, my 13-year-old daughter...

I mean of course the child I sponsor through CCF, a save-the-children type charity that helps both third world children and their villages.

Each month I send a $21 check; in return, I get a feeling of great well-being plus an occasional bonus of the translator's wonderfully mangled English...

Here are some excerpts to brighten your day:

Dear Aaron Holsberg

We and family are fine. I have was now in the first grade of school. I do always good grade on an average marks 9. These all due to parents supports.

I just celebrated my special holiday Idul Fitri with simply only but solemn. It was time for us to wish joyous Idul Fitri and apologize for our mistakes. It is rainy season the roads are muddy so bad, but I am still continue diligent in going school.

Closing with my favorite sentence, which says the exact opposite of what she means:

It will soon I face mid semester test, so I have to learn hardly!

I ask your prayers for my successful. Well, time is it for me to close for now.

With my love, Marlina

Delightful! She's so sweet. CCF not only provide schoolbooks, clothes, and food for her family but also foster economic development of the village so it can stand on its own feet, and CCF can move on to the next village. In this way, I have had 6 "children" since 1989, when I made a solemn vow to sponsor a child forever if my first boyfriend, from Argentina, could get a US visa, which he did!

That's all for today. Happy Tuesday!!!

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