Sunday, October 14, 2012

Aging Well Head

'Youth is a gift, but aging is an art,'  a wise person once said, and by that token David Byrne is two times an artist.  With musical vision and surprising partners, the former Talking Heads frontman has turned his fifties into a golden age.  Today's Song of the Week',  'Who?,' is from his latest and most tantalizing joint venture to date: 'Love This Giant,'  a collaboration with Annie Clark, aka St Vincent, an avant garde singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist if there ever was one!
St Vincent's work is often as challenging as it is rewarding, but she can certainly pen instantly lovable tunes, this weeks single as the case in point.

The cinematic black & white video for 'Who' is as artful and innovative as the song it showcases....

St Vincent won my music heart on Day 1 with her beguiling 'Jesus Saves, I Spend,' a meditative, symphonic musing that I featured on Song of the Week back in 2008...

 One of David Byrne's best moments from his Talking Heads tenure was 'This Must Be The Place' from 1983....

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