Sunday, June 24, 2012

Hot Nerds In Love

Back in 2010 I saw the live show of Hot Chip, wonderfully dorky, quirky and talented electronic-alt-pop band from the UK...Each album has improved over the last, but I thought they'd have a hard time topping 2010's delightful 'One Life Stand...'   

Wrong!  Their fifth and latest, 'In Our Heads,' is chock-full of great songs, easily their strongest yet.... I could've featured any song here really so I went with the single, 'Night and Day,' so I could feature their lovely new video..

Hot Chip, while not actually gay, are extremely gay-friendly.. And they brainy nerds, another minority group I belong to...

Since I launched Song of the Week in September 2007, this is the very first band I have featured three times!  Hey, I've only a double-dipped a dozen artists (out of the 247 songs I've featured to date)...
And here it is, Night and Day...

 A brief history of (good) time(s)... Hot Chip's best moments... 2010, it could have been my wedding song.. '(I only wanna be your) One Life Stand...'

 2008, the rhythm-rific lament, 'One Pure Thought'

2006's nerd-club-anthem, 'Over and Over...' outrageous lyric line... live on Jools Holland...

 Their 2004 debut 'Keep Falling...' kickin' it live..

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