Sunday, June 03, 2012

Blowin' In The Twenty First Century Wind

Another terrific summer weekend.  

We celebrate with a 'Shell Games, ' a Song of the Week from Bright Eyes, the critically acclaimed one-man band formed a 17 years ago back by (now) 32-year-old  Conor Oberst of Ohama, Nebraska, who, in a surprisingly unassuming and melodic way, had become the (uninvited) Bob Dylan of his young generation. 

Before creating Bright Eyes at age 15, Conor had led no fewer than four different bands!  These were:  The Faint, Commander Venus, The Magnetas, and Park Avenue.

He's as lyrically weighty as Dylan, minus the ego, and somehow easier on the ear, not to mention the eye...

He survives - nay, thrives - on word of mouth and glowing reviews, able to make a living, if not a fortune, following his own muse and taking it on the road..

Here's the other single from Bright Eyes' current album, The People's Key, called 'Jejeune Stars...'

Here's the lovely 'First Day of My Life,' from 2005, in a video directed by John Cameron Mitchell of 'Hedwig and the Angry Inch' fame...

 Here he is ten years ago at the Coachella festival singing 'Lua,' which means 'moon' in Portuguese..

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