Sunday, May 06, 2012

Doing The Trick

Today's Song of the Week is the sweet, plaintive 'Do The Trick' by Dr Dog, a five-man band from West Grove, Pennsylvania that sounds like harmonic 60s guitar-pop-rock and even do-woop filtered through garage-rock and lo-fi sounds of the 90s.  It's a charming combination.  Each band member has a nickname beginning with a 'T,' drawn from some aspect of their lives.  Former member Andrew 'Trial' Jones, for example, is a licensed attorney.  The current members go by Taxi, Tables, Text, Teach, and Thanks.. After 7 years of plugging away, Dr Dog is finally gaining attention, and even acclaim, with their latest album, 'Be The Void.'  

Another surprise:  Blogger completely changed everything and it's going to take a while before I figure out how it all works - until then, my posts will look less pristine....

Enjoy the 'Do The Trick' video:

 Early Dog is very bluesy - check out : 'The Beach' live at Paste Studios..

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