Saturday, April 14, 2012

Viña del Mar, Chile

When I was 14, 38 years ago (!!!), I was an exchange student in Chile, and I spent a few weekends two hours northwest of Santiago, in the beachside resort town of Viña del Mar. The city's symbol is this flower clock! I have a black-and-white picture of it somewhere in my closet.
My dear friend Christi is in Chile on business, and is doing a bicycle tour around Santiago and the vineyards nearby. Tomorrow, she'll see Viña and adjacent seaport Valparaiso.

This afternoon, JP and I are going to see 'Titanic' in 3-D. I've only seen it once, 15 years ago in its original 2-D release. JP hasn't seen it at all.. On Thursday night I saw a 76-minute Norwegian indie comedy with John Wiske. More about that later....

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