Sunday, April 08, 2012


I love hard-to-categorize musical acts, and M83 fits the bill. It's a one-man act disguised as a quintet, it's the crossroads between pretty ambient, poppy hooks, and fuzzy shoegazing sheen. Electropop? Indie-tronica? What's in a name.

M83, whose lovely 'Steve McQueen' rises and falls around its shimmering chorale of a chorus, is the brainchild of Spanish-French musician Anthony Gonzalez, who named the band after a spiral galaxy, Messier 83.

Based in Antibes, France, snuggled between Cannes and Nice on the riviera, M83 formed in 2001 and has released five increasingly endearing albums to widespread critical acclaim. 'Steve McQueen,' is from it's latest, 'Hurry Up, We're Dreaming...'

Here they are on Carson Daly performing 'Steve McQueen':

The official single is actually 'Midnight City,' which comes with this trippy video:

Back to the egg: M83's debut single from 2001, 'Run Into Flowers'..

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