Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Marc Bolan Reincarnated?

For Valentine's Day, I offer you a mix of T Rex glam rock, with that band's sleazy, swampy come-on ambience but also with crisp production - it's 'I'm a Man,' by Canadian singer/songwriter Mac DeMarco, an artist so new that we know almost nothing about him (making him an easy, quick blog posting!). I heard him on Pitchfork, which called him a 'Vancouver garage-pop upstart' and featured tracks in advance of his debut, 'Rock n Roll Night Club,' next month. (He's actually from Edmonton originally).

His label says: the anti-thesis to your stereotypical singer-songwriter. Disregarding the seriously somber moments, he replaces them with whimsical and youthful spontaneity, whilst retaining the endearing and subtle commentaries that exude his familiarity. DeMarco’s a weird cat whose most impressive trait is his undeniable and instinctual ability to compose magical pop jangles, of which he’ll likely refer to as 'jizz jazz' with no distinct origin. "

His label photo (right) plays up the glam rock image. I suspect T Rex's late Marc Bolan is smiling somewhere..

There's no clip for 'I'm a Man,' but his single, 'Only You,' has a memorable video, check it out below:

For your convenience, the YouTube for 'I'm a Man,' with just a still photo for imagery...

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