Monday, January 23, 2012

The Marathon Continues

After a lovely, quiet Sunday with JP, the onslaught, the marathon that is my typical work day arrives with a thud. Just two days in the office to finish weeks of unfinished work! Wednesday and Thursday I'm tied up with more customer visits, in NY and Boston, respectively.

Since I must in Boston for a 7:30am meeting Thursday, I get to stay overnight, and to take my friend Erik for dinner on his actual birthday. My actual birthday is next Monday, but my actual birthday party is Saturday night. I can't wait! I try to host 3-4 parties a year, it's a terrific way of making sure you see your friends more frequently, despite one's full and busy 21st century life...

So quiet, yesterday. JP and I saw the 4:15 showing of 'My Week With Marilyn,' which was quite worthwhile, reviews notwithstanding, and more on that later. Made the mistake of Catfish sandwich for brunch, a mound of batter and grease that stayed with me all afternoon; you can be sure I won't do that again...

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