Monday, August 22, 2011

Happy Birthday, Bruno!

Bruno turns four today! Yesterday's family party celebrated with much mirth, truly scrumptious chocolate cake, and a vast panoply of Star Wars-themed presents... Here's Bruno, delighted with his new light saber...

The coolest gift, from Bruno's older brother Karl (pictured right), was this terrific reversible stuffed pillow that doubles as an igloo or a penguin, and, I think, snores... It's made by Happy NappersĀ®, which also offers a dragon/castle, ladybug/house, and cow/barn... Check out their

Here we are with the birthday boy!
JP Aaron Bruno 4

Mom and Dad

Bruno's birthday, August 22nd, is also my parents' anniversary... here they are in 1990, with my then-partner Andres, in Chinatown...

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