Monday, June 06, 2011

Curious Yelle

Today's song, 'Safari Disco Club', is a catchy slice of Gallic pop-disco from Yelle (rhymes with 'tell') that marries a chant-like vocal to a killer world-music inflected instrumental riff - a steel drum, I think.. How fitting to use a French tune on the 67th anniversary of D-Day

Yelle is a trio built around lead singer Yelle, aka Julie Budet of Brittany, and GrandMarnier, aka producer/songwriter Jean-François Perrier, with Tepr (Tanguy Destable) on keyboards. Good friends for half a decade, the trio decided to launch a French electropop band named YEL - for 'You Enjoy Life...' ...but.... a Belgian group had already copyrighted the name... so... they feminized it to 'Yelle.'

The band rose to fame through heavy MySpace and YouTube exposure.. With two minor French hits in 2007-2008, they regrouped and recorded 'Safari Disco Club,' whose title track is today's offering. They've been touring with Katy Perry, whose hits they have remixed... Enjoy...

Here's a terrific animated video for 'Safari Disco Club':

Yelle's 2007 remake of "A Cause Des Garçons," or 'Because of the Boys,' originally sung in 1987 by a distaff duo named after the song (shades of Talk Talk/Living In A Box)... Predictably, the original and remake are francophone gay club classics.

The group's other earlier hit is 'Je Veux Te Voir' or 'I Want To See You':

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