Tuesday, May 03, 2011

You May Now Kiss

On Saturday JP and I attended the wedding of his lovely co-worker Cathleen and her equally lovely partner, Mickey, in Gravesend (pronounced Grave's End), deep, deep into Brooklyn... The reception, at Knights of Columbus, featured a goofy olde-fashioned photographer with a wealth of disguises and props, who provided Polaroid Moments for both the Guest Book and as party favors...

The ceremony was at Saints Simon and Jude, a Roman Catholic church, though the priest was informal,lighthearted, and sweet. The vows written by the pair not only brought them both to tears but moistened my eyes and JP's as well... In just 39 days, that will be us up there (not at a Roman Catholic church, though)... And yes, the weather on Saturday was this sunny!

Ain't love grand?... You can see it in our expressions!

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