Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Harpo and Groucho in Gravesend

More merriment from the wedding of Cathleen and Mickey, who are now honeymooning in the Dominican Republic's southeastern tourist enclave of Punta Cana. Someone once said I resembled Harpo Marx minus the blond wig and the harp; you be the judge. JP clearly makes an excellent 'Groucho impersonating Chaplin impersonating Adolf'

Most of the 75-80 guests held lit sparklers as they began the 10 block walk from the church to the reception hall.
Alas, our indoor wedding plans could scarcely accomodate such pyrotechnics; I did briefly consider it, though! Below, a Brooklyn neighborhood map illustrates just how deep down we traveled - Gravesend is that patch of aqua blue sitting on top of Coney Island, in the map's bottom right quarter, west of Sheepshead Bay, east of Bensonhurst.

The reception had neither a sit-down dinner nor a true buffet. Instead, cater waters pirouetted about carrying fried Chinese dumplings and other dim sum delights. Of which I had about 20... Needless to say, the long ride home on the F train was a true 'Alka Seltzer Moment'...

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