Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Now, Voices

Today's SOTW falls in to the 'instantly loveable' basket, and offers squiggly synths, fabulous falsettos, crisp production, and frenetic pacing tempered by waltz-like grace.

It's British electronic quartet Metronomy, whose inspired 'The Look' finds them adding vocals and lyrics to their third album, 'The English Riviera,' after two mostly instrumental outings.

Metronomy are also master remixers, and their clientele includes many SOTW alumni, notably Gorillaz, Franz Ferdinand, Goldfrapp, and Lykke Li.

Here's their playful clip for 'The Look'... I dig the birds...

More Metronomy continues, with the goofy, zephyr-rific 'A Thing For Me' - certainly a loopy way to feature ones lyrics...

Finally, 'Radio Ladio...' I can't resist brightly-colored body paint!

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