Saturday, April 23, 2011

Dad 75

My Dad would have turned 75 today, underscoring the sad fact that, in passing on at 54, he missed about a third of his natural life, most notably meeting his grandson, Dan, who will be voting-and-driving age in December. In seven weeks, he'll miss seeing his baby boy get happily married...Here's Dad in our dilapidated reclining chair, circa 1973. Those legs in the medical office uniform are my Mom's...

Here's a vivid memory: Washington's Birthday, 1973 (back then we celebrated Washington & Lincoln separately)..
Dad planned to take me and my sister for a terrific day in the city, not realizing that everything's closed on Mondays.. A series of mishaps ensued, taking the wrong bus, arriving at Central Park Zoo just after it closed. We wound up having felafel in the Village...

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