Monday, April 04, 2011

Advanced Degree

This week, a big current favorite, the pretty but lo-fi pleasure of San Francsico-based alt-rock/shoegazer quintet Film School.

Inspired by post-punk, dream pop, and a touch of electronica, Film School began in 2001 as the brainchild of vocalist/guitarist Krayg Burton (aka Greg Bertens), who changed the band's lineup and musical style frequently over ten years and four albums.

It's their latest opus, last year's 'Fission,' that captured my fancy with several lovely, urgent, hypnotic tracks that really stay with you; there's only one single, 'Sunny Day,' which gets this week's SOTW honors.

Film School's video work is less cinematic than their band name would suggest, it's a pair of feet wandering Los Angeles, a straightforward visual complement to 'Sunny Day'...

'Direct' is their album's most irresistible song, starting slowly and knocking you about about 1 minute in ; with no video or live performance available, I'm reduced to inviting you to stare at their album cover while you listen to the unspeakable joy that is 'Direct..'

Here's the Film School track that first grabbed me, 'Meet Around 10,' rendered live in Februrary at San Francisco's Cafe du Nord;

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