Monday, March 21, 2011

What Are The Youth To Do?

This week we bring you 'Heaven's On Fire,' a delicious brew of jazzy, strumming guitar, stately piano riffs, and blythe dream-pop vocal's from Swedish quartet The Radio Department; the song's witty intro is a 60s-era hippie radical musing on the corruption of pop culture, accompanied by a pretty synth riff.

Trust me, the overall affect is charming, warm, and memorable...

Radio Dept was founded in 1995 by two schoolmates and named after a gas-station-turned-radio-repair shop in their home town of Lund, Sweden. Eight years later, an album emerged, and got fairly good reviews, but I somehow missed it. It was Pitchfork, that indispensable musical resource, that brought 'Heaven's On Fire' to my attention last year.

Here's a fan video of said song..

Here's their 2003 debut hit, 'Where Damage Isn't Already Done'...

From 2006, the group's biggest European hit to date, 'The Worst Taste In Music,' gets a full, dramatic production for the group's typically laid-back near-shoegazing style...

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