Monday, February 21, 2011

She and Him

Matt & Kim man and wife; they are also an American Brooklyn-based duo whose Song of the Week, 'Cameras', showcases their giddy, punky brand of indie rock. Matt's faux-Brit vocals conjure up late British new wavers blending pop with mock funk. Even if that description didn't whet your appetite, rest assured that Matt & Kim's off-putting, goofy charm will win you over.

The duo's rough-housing garage antics and a false beginning do make the 'Cameras' video memorable:

With three well-received albums to date, Matt & Kim have seen their songs included in TV and movie soundtracks, and 'Daylight' was used in a Bacardi commercial. The 'Daylight' video exudes charm:

These lovebirds are philanthropic (working to help the homeless) and outrageous (in the 'Lessons Learned' video below they strip nude in Times Square, and the police intervention you see is not staged!).

Groovy video for 'Block After Block':

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