Friday, December 03, 2010

Bee Intervention

More on the Red Bees of Red Hook!

On Tuesday we posted on the Brooklyn-based bees in Brooklyn pumping out bright red honey thanks to the presence of a nearby maraschino cherry factory and its vast amounts of super-sweet HFCS colored with Red Dye No. 40..

Bees discovered that large vats of marinating cherries are briefly in the open air while moving between warehouses.

We've now learned that the factory hired a bee expert to solve the problem without hurting the bees or the cherries.. The s
olution under study: draping the syrup bins in heavy fabric sheets soaked in vinegar.

Other ideas include building wooden and mesh "lockers" on wheels to transport the bins and placing feeders full of sugar syrup on the factory's roof to distract the bees.

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