Monday, November 15, 2010

Sister Who Really Cooks!

Roll over, Bea Arthur! : - ) Imagine the vocal cross between kd lang and Erasure's Andy Bell, poured into the very hefty and often scantily clad frame of a free spirit, non-conformist lesbian activist.

You've just conjured up Beth Ditto, dynamic lead singer of Oregon-based neo-new-wave trio The Gossip, who provide our insanely catchy Song of the Week, 'Love Long Distance...'

Beth, born Mary Beth Patterson in Searcy, Arkansas, is proud of her unique and revealing body image, and occasionally models and pens a newspaper advice column.

Beth formed the Gossip 11 years ago in Olympia, WA, with two college roommates, also from Arkansas, Brace Paine and Kathy Mendonça; the latter left to become a midwife and was replaced by Hannah Billie. The Gossip was signed to Sony's LGBT division, Music With A Twist. In 2007 they finally broke through in the UK with the title track of their 3rd album, 'Standing In the Way Of Control,' scoring a radio hit, gold album, and considerable local celebrity...

Beth is close friends with the fabulous Ana Matronic of Scissor Sisters...

Here's the very round 'bubble head' video clip for 'Love Long Distance...'

Though 'Love Long Distance' is my favorite, 'Heavy Cross,' is the group's international hit single (top 5 Germany, Australia, Switzerland, and Italy, top 10 Australia)..

Lead singer Beth Ditto is a wild and talented frontwoman - here she shakes it live at Soliday's ripping through group's breakthrough hit, 'Standing In The Way Of Control...'

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