Monday, October 25, 2010

Pretty, Chill, and Pretty Chill

This week, with one foot out the door for meeting in Boston, back again tomorrow to a week of chaos, this week I bring you the mellow sounds of Swedish indie dream-pop duo 'jj' and their lovely, tranquil 'Let Go..'

'jj' are also the call letters of TAM Brazilian Airlines!

'jj,' who prefer lower case, are Joakim Bnon and Elin Kastlander, and they curiously called their debut single 'jj no. 1' and their first two albums 'jj. no 2' and 'jj no. 3'

Here's the duo's pretty, artsy black-and-white clip for 'Let Go'...

The group's debut single, 'jj no.1 - my life, my swag,' is equally mellow but darker and more acoustic, is also a black-and-white clip..

Shocking -the twosome went to Kyoto and actually filmed a clip in color! It's 'My Little World On Fire'... This is a rare midtempo outing for this duo...

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