Friday, September 24, 2010

Brother! (It's A Wild Love...)

For the past few weeks JP and I have been enjoyed the very early-50s-noirish first season of Adventures of Superman, a fireworks display of character acting and anchored by indelibly archetypical Clark, Perry, Lois,
and young, wide-eyed, 'golly, jeepers' Jimmy Olson. Well, it turns out that Jack Larson, the actor who played Jimmy, is a brother! After a romance with Montgomery Clift, he found long-lasting love, 35 years of it, as the life partner of director James Bridges (pictured right, with Larson and their dog, Max); Larson gave up acting in the early 60s, totally unable to escape typecasting, and became a successful playwright, director, and producer..

Here's Jack Larson interviewed in July of this year! He's 82 and doing just fine..

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