Monday, August 23, 2010

Double Decade Bridge

This week's delicious new song, 'Where I'm Going', is a tantalizing step forward for Australian dance-pop-new wave quartet Cut Copy, as they extend their bridge to the 80s two decades further back to the 60s. In a far-advance taste an album we won't see until January, Cut Copy spikes its crisp 80s production and grooves with Beach Boys harmonics and a Beatles-on-acid mid-section punctuated by Who-esque organ riffs. Utterly, totally, envigorating and irresistible!

Cut Copy grabbed my attention in early 2008 when, channeling the eurodisco visionaries of yore, they delivered album-long symphony in which the each piece was not only a stand-alone song but a mixed-in part of the longer work.Cut Copy's 'In Ghost Colors' album has 17 songs, and though the genre is similar, each songs shines like a jewel in patterned necklace. Cut Copy are not DJs, they're a real pop-rock band with chops and atmosphere to spare... To be sure, singer/producer Dan Whitford was a Melbourne-based DJ and graphic designer when he recruited some bandmates and hit the road back in 2003...

Anyway, here's the delightful 'Where I'm Going,' live at Lollapalooza..

Here's the rain-drenched 'Hearts on Fire' video, finally found one copy not disabled by their record company...

Finally, a fan video for the group's ebullient 'Far Away..'

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