Sunday, June 20, 2010

It Means Little Sparrow

IMG_0832How I love Spätzle, the soft-textured egg noodle that perfectly rounds out any German meal... I first learned to love Spätzle as a boy when Mom would cook it occasionally as an extra-special side dish.

Up in Maine a week ago, I joined JP, his sister Jen, and her daughter Rachel at Richard's, Brunswick's much-admired purveyor of fine German cuisine. I had Schnitzel with my Spätzle, and green beans. JP & Jen went with the Sauerbraten...

Spätzle, in Swabian German dialect, is a diminutive of Spatz, sparrow, and thus means 'Little Sparrow...' This reminds me of a lovely Simon & Garfunkel folk song by the same name... It's social critique about lack of solidarity... Enjoy...

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