Sunday, April 18, 2010

A Little Night Musical Documentary

Last night we were thrilled to see 'Sondheim On Sondheim,' a revue of his finest work interwoven with excerpts of an interview with Stephen Sondheim himself (pictured here today and in the 1950s), in a triumph of brilliant material, top-drawer talent (Barbara Cooke, Vanessa Williams, Tom Wopat), and superb, inventive stage design. The show, celebrating the 76-year-old visionary's life and work, was a treat and a revelation... It's a show that beckons you to enjoy the talent and appreciate it in context. It left me both very satisfied and hungry and curious to explore the oeuvre, indeed, to swim in the glorious stream that is New York theater....

It was worth it just to see Barbara Cooke, the seventy-something theater legend who's intrigued me ever since my parents were bowled over by her live show in DC two decades back..

Here's a great YouTube feature on the show (which, indeed, achieved a broad smile at YouTube's expense)..

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