Saturday, January 16, 2010

Once More Into The Breech...

..but not once more onto the beach, even though I'll be in Brazil, in their summer, and even in Rio (as a day trip from Sao Paulo for five meetings...)

This is my 121st foreign trip, believe it or not, and my 26th trip to Brazil, my 2nd most frequently visited country (the champ is Mexico, 28 times..). I leave for Brazil tonight and get to Sao Paulo tomorrow morning, where I'll be, mostly, until Thursday.

Then it's off to for a 21st tango with my third-most visited nation, Argentina, as I arrive in Buenos Aires for meetings Friday, then to hang out with friends Friday evening and Saturday daytime before leaving Saturday night to arrive home sweet home Sunday morning the 24th. I do have to work on the MLK holiday, but at least it's work in Rio..

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