Sunday, November 22, 2009

Mind Your Ps

Four Ps Aaron loves in his film pods: Period, Perception, Poignancy, and Pith...

These Ps are abundantly present in 'An Education, ' the superb early-60s coming-of-age drama that is sure to reap a well-deserved bountiful harvest of accolades over the coming months. Newcomer Carrey Mulligan is luminous as Jenny, a smart, free-thinking 16-year-old yearning for experience and excitement, who becomes involved David with a fast-talking, hip Jewish man in his thirties (yet another tour de force by the underrated Peter Sarsgaard). I'm ever fascinated by the early 1960s, those restless black-and-white years on the eve of the sexual revolution, the counter-culture, and rock-and-roll. I spent these years mostly in a diaper... : - )

Indelible performances and insightful scriptwriting are the best of many reasons to see this film at the earliest opportunity!

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