Thursday, August 27, 2009

Wicked ROFL!

'In The Loop,' the British-made gem of a film I saw last week, is perhaps the wittiest, most biting and most relevant satire in a dog's age..

It's a hilarious vision of how a handful of petty, clueless incompetents and a few bad eggs can hurtle us into war on flimsy pretexts and flawed logic.

It rings both wonderfully ridiculous and sadly true - we actually did go to war on flimsy pretexts and flawed logic. But what a wit-fest!
Zingers go by so fast I'll need a second viewing to 'harvest' them all...

The film is based on, and borrows actors from, the British political comedy 'The Thick of It..' The excellent ensemble cast will be largely unknown to US audiences, except of course the sublime James Gandolfini as a blunt, sardonic US general and maybe Tom Hollander of 'Pirates of the Carribean' as Britain's hapless foreign minister...

Imagine a clear broth with equal parts 'West Wing,' 'Fawlty Towers,' and 'Wag The Dog,' served on ice with a (very small) splash of 'Dr. Strangelove.' Watch the trailer:

Here are some excerpts... 'The Crossest Man In Scotland...'

Yet another clip, just delicious...

Here's a good scene from our source material, 'The Thick Of It...'

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