Monday, August 17, 2009

They Get Around

Today's song is 'Gimme Sympathy, 'straightforward indie uptempo pop by Canadian trio Metric, who reference the Rolling Stones lyrically but certainly not musically.

The song is catchy, melodic, and vaguely about identifying with 60s bands, This exotic ensemble is fronted by New Delhi-born Briton Emily Haines, daughter of acclaimed poet Paul Haines, a member of Canadian un-supergroup Broken Social Scene who has played with countrymen as diverse as the pop Stars and the drony Stills...

In 2006 they burned up Canada with back to back hits, 'Monster Hospital' and 'Poster of a Girl..' Their recent album 'Fantasies' is The Big Followup®... Check out the 'Gimme Sympathy' video

Here's Metri
c on Letterman performing 'Help I'm Alive...,' the earlier single of 'Fantasies..'

And their earlier hit 'Poster of A Girl....' live at Metropolis (since their record label won't let me embed the video)...

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