Monday, August 24, 2009

Phoenix of France

I'm a longtime admirer of French indie pop quartet Phoenix, who bring a quirky, off-kilter but lush tone to their work. Phoenix are close musical associates of their more famous, more electronic French peers, Air and Daft Punk.

The groups latest album, 'Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix,' is a tour de force, and our Song of the Week is '1901,' that album's lead single.. With great reviews but scant radio play, Phoenix lives by word of mouth.. Still, they get around... In clothing stores, in Starbucks, on in-flight mixes, Phoenix is sure to pop up... They deserve more exposure, and here, I'm giving it to them..

Watch them kick butt on Letterman with '1901...'

The first Phoenix song that really grabbed my attention, perhaps their best ever, was 'Run Run Run' from 2004's 'Alphabetical..' Here's the low-rent but effective black & white video:

Here's a second hot track off their current album,
the curiously titled 'Lisztomania...'

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