Friday, July 17, 2009

North By Northeast

Yesterday I finally felt back in the saddle, tackling errands, projects, new initiatives... I really did enjoy my two-week 'Baltic Adventure,' exploring Northeastern Europe starting in Finland. Helsinki's almost as far north as Alaska, and the sun did indeed set at 11pm...

Helsinki was very different than I'd imagined. I imagined something small, cold and very very modern (they're so high-tech!) Instead, I found Helsinki to be warm, spacious, green, and full of historic charm. This is just the railroad station, pretty, huh?


You're never far from the water in Helsinki. Here's one of several harbors...

There were mouth-watering fresh berries and fruits everywhere, a tasty and healthy snack...

A large modern plaza in front of the train station. Wonder what that tower looks like without scaffolding...

A worker in the socialist paradise can, if he wants, see the Mary Poppins musical in Finnish: Maija Poppanen...

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