Saturday, August 08, 2009

Bosnia: Just The Facts, 'Mam

"Day 8 is completely free for you to explore the city or head out into the hills once again.

You may like to take a picturesque day trip Ilidza where we find the source of the River Bosna (Vrelo Bosna), where there are thermal springs and beautiful green parks.

The Sarajevo Tunnel Museum is near Ilidza where you can have a behind-the-scenes look at the Yugoslav wars. "

With slightly less than 4 million people, Sarajevo has the population of South Carolina (or Kentucky or Colorado), but its petite size of 19,767 square miles are closer to West Virginia, or about half the size of New York State....

Sarajevo, Bosnia's capital and largest city, has 421,289 people in its metro area, about the same as Manhattan's Upper East and West Sides combined...

'Bosnia and Herzegovina' is country's name, and consists of two autonomous, loosely linked states, the muslim/multiethnic 'Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina' and the 'Serbian Bosnian Republic,' plus a tiny Croat enclave, the Brcko district..

That's not a typo, vowels are in short supply here.. : - )

The blue part is the muslim/multicultural area, and the pink part is the Serbian area.. the yellow part is the Croat enclave...

Odd, yes, but the peace has held, making Dayton, Ohio the fairy godmother city of the entire area, as the birthplace of the accord that stopped the bloodshed...

Here's a lovely, olde-fashionede postcard montage of Sarajevo to local folk music..

More on Bosnia, Serbia, and World War One...

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