Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Missed It By That Much

'State of Play' has suspense and danger to grip you, ethical and political questions to chew on, acting talent to spare, and offers a look at the noble and endangered species known as print journalism.

These ingredients could have converged into the first true classic about the press since 'All The Presidents' Men,' but the scriptwriters blow this opportunity with what I call a 'WTF (What The F***?) ending' That is, a 'game-changer' to flip your perspective on its ear...

But here the WTF does not elucidate - it rather diminishes what has gone before and the logic is leaky if you back-track. Moreover, while the ending still leaves villanous Blackwateresque private military firm under investigation, they become a sideshow..

The supporting cast bats the ball out of the park, not just heavy hitter Helen Mirren as the editor-in-chief, but Jason Bateman as a sleazy party boy I didn't even recognize... Here's the trailer.. Like 'Earth,' this is likely still playing in you area....

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