Sunday, April 05, 2009

Watch The Right Two Lovely Films

Previews to two great films I've seen in the last 10 days. Full reviews forthcoming...

Two Lovers.... Great story about a bipolar, 30ish guy living in Brighton Beach with his Israeli immigrant parents, who becomes involved with two very different women..
It's very very hard not to care about these well-rendered, superbly-acted characters. Did Joaquin Phoenix (unrecognizable here!!!) & Gwenyth Paltrow work for free? : - ) Kudos also to Vinessa Shaw, who's every bit as is interesting as those two icons...

Let The Right One In...  See it even if you wouldn't think of watching a 'vampire movie' since it's
a truly compelling character film, focused on troubled, lonely kids, stunningly beautiful shot at night in the snow in Sweden.. It's so real, so absorbing, that when something scary does happen, it has a hundred times the impact of your typical Hollywood slashfest

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