Monday, April 13, 2009

Through The Past, Semi-Darkly...

Today's Song/Video of the Week, 'To Lose My Life,' is deliciously dark and danceable, like peak-era Depeche Mode with a dollop of Joy Division or Echo & The Bunnymen.

White Lies, a trio from Ealing, West of London, are of of several UK bands mining the motherload of 80s new wave gothic angst. Their rivals, in order of prominence and critical respect, are Arcade Fire, Interpol, The Killers, and Editors.

What did I learn while researching this band? First, the band formed during a 'gap year,' a term I'd never heard, which means a year off from studies or work, in their case, before college. Second, their initial band name, 'Fear of Flying,' was discarded as their writing grew darker and more mature. Third, Ealing is known as 'Queen of the London Suburbs.' And now, the music:

Video for 'To Lose My Life' was embed-protected by the record company - but posted live version above on Tues morning..

Live performance of 'Death'

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